Friday, 20 November 2009

Suitablity Of Prepaid Credit Card For Bad Debt

Prepaid credit cards has become increasingly popular at the time and using by jobless people.When using a credit card, consumers need to make any loan to purchase and make payment after receiving the bill at the end of month.But for prepaid credit card, be it with cash before making a purchase . Prepaid can be used until exhausted credit inside card.If users want to continue to use them,they need to add more money into their accounts.

Prepaid credit cards can also occur when emergency cases.Why I said that? This is because if the card is not loaded money in it for sure it is not useful and should not be taken anywhere.Besides the function as same as normal credit cards and it can be accessed everywhere.

Often these products suitable for different people in different situations. Below are suitablity card is used according to the situation.

* Judging is used by those who have bad credit history and those who are difficult to obtain approval for a standard credit card.
* Parents who want to give young students or cash for emergencies but do not want to put them on their own card as the card holder.That mean prepaid credit card is owned and their parents can control the expenses of their children.
* Prepaid credit card is also suitable to those looking for extra security when shopping online. With prepaid credit card facilities, we can control the amount of money loaded to the card, so the risk of fraud can be reduced
* It is also appropriate to the students and youth as it flexible and easy to use.

Prepaid credit card can indeed be applied in daily expenses and can become the successor to the credit card expenses standard.Dengannya also be controlled and can also save money from paying high interest rates if the credit card standards.

Expected to post this can also help consumers to make choices in the use of cards as a tool for shopping.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Prepaid Credit Card As Credit Card Alternative

At present, many users have switched to using prepaid credit card, many factors that have caused consumers to switch to using prepaid credit cards from Credit card.Salah one source it is forced to bear the consumer bill payment and charge the user is also forced to dikenakan.Besides the bear relatively high interest rates until they can not afford to bear the cost of these.

With prepaid credit card provided by the card issuer,It can gives consumer alternatives wether to use credit cards or these kind of prepaid credit cards.It also can prevent users from shopping more than their income.It can automatically control consumer spending, because the card concept that requires the user to add value to the credit card for shopping.

Users who fail to apply for credit cards also have an alternative to choose prepaid credit card for daily use.When using this credit card,users do not need to think about the charge, bill payment, interest rate and other charge imposed if using a credit card issuer. In addition application prepaid credit card is approved and also easy application process fast and easy, and can apply through the internet.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Common Question About Credit Card

For this its about common question by people about credit cards.
Frequently Asked Questions about credit cards

What type of credit card?

Actually there are 3 types of credit cards that classic, gold and platinum that do different functions, it also depends on the individual income.

What credit card dualbrand?

It is a credit card issued jointly by card providers and merchants, they also offer certain privillage to users as an example his
Such as Capital One and mastercards.

What is the credit limit?

Credit limit is the maximum amount provided to consumers by the credit card provider.Credit limt is determined based on the assessment made of the content information from applicant.Had credit is important, and users must choose wisely to reduce liability in the event of fraud.

What steps should I take when making purchases?

Never let your credit card out from your views.When make payments at shops, hotels or restaurant make sure your credit card swiping in front of you.Particular of your credit card can be copied with some device.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Tips to Choose Prepaid Credit Cards.

Many offers comes from providers,have competition happen here when each other promoting their services and good offers.Actually the consumer not know what the best prepaid credit card is good for them.Actually the way to use its same.but the quality of services from providers its very different.
Many great offers such as Virgin Prepaid Card,
Next-G,accountnow,and many more.
The tips before using Prepaidcard

  1. Do some survey wich is the good service and offers such as low annual fee,collection points,bonus,loyal points,credit limited,expired time and many more..
  2. Read and understand the term and condition when u got the best one.
  3. Choose the well known cards providers.
  4. Make sure that you know if stolen happen,the card provider can gives fast respon or reply.
  5. Your card must have international acces,that mean it can use when traveling.
Hopefully it can guide for a new user to choose the best prepaid card.Need to know that this kind of card dont have a debt like credit cards and simple to use.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Prepaid Credit Card Good Solution For Bad Credit

Prepaid credit cards are the best alternatives for doubtful accounts and for those who want to get a better credit rating. There will be no verification of your employment and credit rating even if you choose a prepaid one. However, you must pay money into your account to your credit limit. You can make more money if your card balance is low and you want to use it to make additional purchases.

This card is the best option for teenagers, students and children who have no credit history, but one card. They are also a good choice for adults who prefer to monitor how much they spend. These cards are easy to use in supermarkets, service stations and online stores. These cards are perfect for small businesses. Owners of small businesses with poor credit can be applied to prepaid credit cards.

These cards are similar to regular cards, but it is easier to apply to those of regular cards. They can be used worldwide and charges no interest is charged on regular cards.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Payment method when using Prepaid Cards

As we know prepaid cards no need to paying bills,its only need to pay an annual fee,but very low cost and only a few dollars to pay.Prepaid credit cards can control your finance and simple to use and same as using a real credit card.In prepaid card,provider has set the value limit.It cannot top-up over the limit.but if you do so,the provider return the balance,and dont worry about that.
Many types to top-up your value for using in purchase of this is ATM transfer.For those have an account can use this method to top-up their prepaid card.If dont have any bank account we also can use bank deposit,but this method the bank charge a service charge and need to que-up and facing many crowded.
The third method ist simple and easy,using online banking to top-up your prepaid card.activation after the process ussualy in office hour and immidietly process.Choose your best method when using the prepaid card.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Tips To Prevent Credit Card Fraud

This is an important tips when using any credit cards,we can’t hide from threat especially from credit cards fraud. It is seriously dangerous and card user need more carefull.

For this post I like to give some tips to prevent this things.

  • Signature your credit card after you get the card form provider.
  • Keep your card in the same place in your purse or wallet, you can notice when your card been stolen.
  • Don’t let anybody borrow your card.
  • Remember your pin number and don’t write your pin on backside of card.
  • Don’t give any particulars of your card to unknown person and any untrusted sites in web to prevent any transaction without your permition.
  • Keep your card provider phone number for safety if stolen or lost,you can call immediately.
  • Please be ensure that you cut you expired credit card in two pieces when you get a new credit card.

With this tips,it will help a card user from any threat of credit card fraud and can educate you to be a smart user.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Tips before using Cards

  • Read all contained in an attachment or an application form.
Make sure that you read and study all contained in an attachment or an application form. This is important for you to protect yourself as a consumer. Make sure you get proper explanation to the questions raised. Also, make sure you read and review all bills that reach your hands.

This is important because you certainly do not want to escape from knowing any policy changes that apply to your credit card. Should note, company credit card issuers have the freedom to make any amendment and any changes will usually effective in a short period of time.

  • Think first before you make a choice.
Today, many credit card is offered in the market. As a wise consumer, take your time looking for cards that offer the best option as there is no annual fee and low interest rate. It's no use to continue to use your credit card and charge high interest and have a safe a short time. To learn how to choose a credit card, please refer to the previous series

  • Defend your rights as a consumer.
If you find the company credit card issuer fails to function efficiently, then you should immediately make a complaint. In the fierce market competition they can not look at all the light of complaints received and usually you will get proper treatment.

I hope with this tips can guide you how to planning before you decide to use a credit,prepaid or debit card.


Sunday, 6 September 2009

More Detail About Store Value And Debit Card

image source from getaprepaid
A store value card one of prepaid card in which a monetary value that has been pre-determined by some cards provider.Have a value savings card scheme may allow the card holder to adopt the monetary value to the their card and value will be automatically deducted from the amount stored in the card when the user makes a purchase.Many provided between Visa and Mastercard have issued their product such as Accountnow Prepaid visa and BuyRIGHT Pre-Paid Mastercard.bothly without annual fees low monthly charge.

A debit card is a payment card where the balance in your savings or current account will be reduced immediately by the number of transactions made, after approval is obtained. This facility is also available in Bankcard issued by many local banking institutions. There are also debit cards such as VISA Electron and MasterCard Electronic that can be used in shops that display the merchant logo related.

source from bankinfo

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Positive And Negatives Of Prepaid Cards

For this post i'll tell about the positive and negative while using the prepaid Credit cards.Many Provider giving the great offers when using their credit or prepaid cards services.But as a consumer we need to know a little bit about pro and cons when using prepaid card for purchasing.

The Good and Bad While Using Prepaid Cards.

. By using this prepaid card, they usually will not offer credit card convenience without the difficult approval process or risk bear the debt. This card functions similar gift card, you only need to make a cash deposit account (direct deposit is usually available) before you can use it to purchase anything.

Prepaid cards instead of credit card, you may not spend more than the balance of your store and you will not be charged any interest for your spending. Pre-paid account will be reported to credit bureaus as a credit card

• Easy to approve, no credit required
• The same fraud liability protections as a standard credit card
• Easy to use for online or phone purchases
• Access cash from ATM machines
• Less expensive than check cashing services
• High fees while opening and maintaining the account
• Very limited, if any, reporting to the credit bureaus
• Does not help to improve your credit the same way a credit card or secured card would
• Much more expensive than opening a checking account and using an ATM card

Friday, 4 September 2009

The Convenience Of Debit or Prepaid Cards.

The good reason using a prepaid or debit card because certain card services provider with no credit check or prior bank account such as Visa,Debit Mastercard,and many more.
Example The Visa Reloadable Prepaid card is a Visa card you load with your own money to make purchases everywhere you want to.When using a debit or prepaid credit card, It's more safer than carrying a cash and will help you to manage your finances very well. Convenience Of This Cards.
  • Easily make purchases everywhere,usually debit cards are accepted—in-store, online, or by phone.
  • Pay bills, make travel reservations and buy gas at the pump.
  • it also available at thousands of retail locations.
  • Get cash from ATMs worldwide.
  • When using it,no need to carry large amounts of cash. You only use what you load in a card,that means you can control you cash and learn to save a money and how to manage your financial.And many more benefits and privillage when using this kind of prepaid or debit cards.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Intro Of Prepaid Credit card

The advantages of prepaid credit cards are without monthly bills or credit checks. With a prepaid credit card, you can choose from a wide range of card amounts, and you can use it anywhere is accepted. It's ideal for students, travelers, people on a budget and others. It's also a great gift or business incentive.The Prepaid credit card it also known as stored value cards.It simply and easy to use,and it same as other credit cards.Many Credit services company now trying to give the best service and provide the best offer of these prepaid credit card for consumers or customers.This card is easy to apply and low fees.Have certain Credit card sevice provide their service without fees..this is great.


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