Friday, 11 September 2009

Tips before using Cards

  • Read all contained in an attachment or an application form.
Make sure that you read and study all contained in an attachment or an application form. This is important for you to protect yourself as a consumer. Make sure you get proper explanation to the questions raised. Also, make sure you read and review all bills that reach your hands.

This is important because you certainly do not want to escape from knowing any policy changes that apply to your credit card. Should note, company credit card issuers have the freedom to make any amendment and any changes will usually effective in a short period of time.

  • Think first before you make a choice.
Today, many credit card is offered in the market. As a wise consumer, take your time looking for cards that offer the best option as there is no annual fee and low interest rate. It's no use to continue to use your credit card and charge high interest and have a safe a short time. To learn how to choose a credit card, please refer to the previous series

  • Defend your rights as a consumer.
If you find the company credit card issuer fails to function efficiently, then you should immediately make a complaint. In the fierce market competition they can not look at all the light of complaints received and usually you will get proper treatment.

I hope with this tips can guide you how to planning before you decide to use a credit,prepaid or debit card.


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