Friday, 25 September 2009

Tips To Prevent Credit Card Fraud

This is an important tips when using any credit cards,we can’t hide from threat especially from credit cards fraud. It is seriously dangerous and card user need more carefull.

For this post I like to give some tips to prevent this things.

  • Signature your credit card after you get the card form provider.
  • Keep your card in the same place in your purse or wallet, you can notice when your card been stolen.
  • Don’t let anybody borrow your card.
  • Remember your pin number and don’t write your pin on backside of card.
  • Don’t give any particulars of your card to unknown person and any untrusted sites in web to prevent any transaction without your permition.
  • Keep your card provider phone number for safety if stolen or lost,you can call immediately.
  • Please be ensure that you cut you expired credit card in two pieces when you get a new credit card.

With this tips,it will help a card user from any threat of credit card fraud and can educate you to be a smart user.

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