Sunday, 4 October 2009

Payment method when using Prepaid Cards

As we know prepaid cards no need to paying bills,its only need to pay an annual fee,but very low cost and only a few dollars to pay.Prepaid credit cards can control your finance and simple to use and same as using a real credit card.In prepaid card,provider has set the value limit.It cannot top-up over the limit.but if you do so,the provider return the balance,and dont worry about that.
Many types to top-up your value for using in purchase of this is ATM transfer.For those have an account can use this method to top-up their prepaid card.If dont have any bank account we also can use bank deposit,but this method the bank charge a service charge and need to que-up and facing many crowded.
The third method ist simple and easy,using online banking to top-up your prepaid card.activation after the process ussualy in office hour and immidietly process.Choose your best method when using the prepaid card.

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