Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Common Question About Credit Card

For this its about common question by people about credit cards.
Frequently Asked Questions about credit cards

What type of credit card?

Actually there are 3 types of credit cards that classic, gold and platinum that do different functions, it also depends on the individual income.

What credit card dualbrand?

It is a credit card issued jointly by card providers and merchants, they also offer certain privillage to users as an example his
Such as Capital One and mastercards.

What is the credit limit?

Credit limit is the maximum amount provided to consumers by the credit card provider.Credit limt is determined based on the assessment made of the content information from applicant.Had credit is important, and users must choose wisely to reduce liability in the event of fraud.

What steps should I take when making purchases?

Never let your credit card out from your views.When make payments at shops, hotels or restaurant make sure your credit card swiping in front of you.Particular of your credit card can be copied with some device.

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